Nursing Home Residents Enjoy a Balloon Battle

nursing home residents have a balloon battle

Nursing Home Residents Have a Balloon Battle

Nursing home residents have a balloon battle, and it looks like they’re having a blast!

Denmark is known for leading the world in elderly care. People in Denmark are visited by a nurse in their home when they turn 75 years old. Nurses assess them to see what services, if any, they may need to remain independent in their home. Denmark’s elderly are generally more active, and because of the assistance they are given, many more are able to stay in their homes without need of nursing homes.

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When people do need to live in assisted care, even those nursing homes are different than what we may experience in the states. They are homey and personal, and the nursing homes don’t take over all care for the residents, they just provide support. Residents still do any chores they are able, and many still take care of themselves.

So this video, taken in a Denmark nursing home showing engaged seniors having fun comes as no surprise. Check out the fun these residents in a Denmark nursing home are having!

WATCH: Nursing Home Residents Have a Balloon Battle