Funeral Director Shares How One Nursing Home Paid Their Respects

nursing home paid their respects

Nursing Home Paid Their Respects

Funeral Director Caleb Wilde shared the image below that is starting to go viral on Facebook. He explains that in his line of work, nursing homes often ‘hide’ the dead by shuffling them out the back door. How this nursing home paid their respects on this┬áday really touched him.

Funeral Director Shares How One Nursing Home Paid Their Respects:

I’m a sixth generation licensed and practicing funeral director and embalmer in Parkesburg, PAA couple days ago I shared a beautiful experience I had at a nursing home. As I shared in that post, when we funeral directors come to remove a deceased person from a nursing home, most nursing homes have a “hide the body” mentality or a “back door policy” that ushers the deceased out the back door so no one sees it.

As I’ve come to find out, some nursing homes have a “front door policy” where the death is acknowledged and the dead honored by the nursing home and its staff. My recent experience with this “front door policy” included the nursing staff creating a walk of honor. The staff lined the hallway walls as I left the nursing home with the deceased, acknowledging the life lived and lost.

When I shared my experience with the “front door policy” and the “walk of honor”, Lisa B. shared this beautiful photo of how her grandfather’s nursing home practiced this acknowledgment of death when her grandfather died. As you can see, the staff is creating this beautiful walk of honor to acknowledge the passing of Lisa’s grandfather as he leaves the nursing home. I asked Lisa if I could share the photo with you and she gave me permission.

This act, my friends, is a beautiful step away from death denial and towards death positivity.

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