Students Surprise Teacher Battling Cancer With ‘Amazing Grace’ Flash Mob

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High school music teacher, Gabrielyn Watson, returned from a 7 month break while fighting multiple myeloma cancer. She was surprised by many former students singing ‘Amazing Grace’.

Thinking that she was arriving at a local school for an interview, Ms. Watson was overwhelmed by what happened. As she began to walk down the hallway to the office, she heard the first lines of ‘Amazing Grace’. Then, one of her former students, and American Idol finalist, Peter Frank stepped around the corner.  When she recognized him and realized he was singing for her, she was overwhelmed with emotion.

But the surprise didn’t stop there.  Blessed with the moment, Ms. Watson could found herself so moved and collapsed against a locker with tears of joy!

With each refrain, another students began pouring out into the hallway joining in the singing. With beautiful harmonies and true love for their teacher, these students showed how much she meant to them!

“I never thought I’d see them all together like that! It’s just great to feel loved and that you DO matter!” Ms. Watson said of the moment.

At the end of the song, Peter Frank stepped forward to encourage Ms. Watson.

“This is a small example of the gratitude we all have for you and the many years you’ve invested in us. Because of you, I’m everything I am today. And I really thank you!” Peter Frank shared.

What a beautiful way to show love for a teacher and to encourage someone through a tough experience!

WATCH: Teacher Overwhelmed By ‘Amazing Grace’ Surprise

credit: Youtube/Suliasi Korovou

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