Stranger Houses A 911 Dispatcher For Months After Flood

flood victim helped by stranger at church

Church Houses Flood Victim

Diana Patterson’s home was destroyed by flood, leaving her nowhere to live and with $40,000 in damage to have repaired. That’s when a complete stranger reached out to the flood victim with an offer to help that completely humbled her.

Diana Patterson was a dispatcher working the 911 call center the night of the floods that swept her hometown of Covington, Virginia back in June. At the end of her shift, she drove home only to find that her own house had been destroyed by the flood waters.

In this small friendly town, it didn’t take long for people to start driving by offering to help. That’s when a complete stranger from the nearby church reached out with an act of kindness that completely stunned Diana.

Dennis Nicely was the pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church, which was just down the road from Dianna’s house. “To have housing with family, she’d go to Roanoke and drive. My wife said that won’t work. She said you’ll go up to the proper chambers and you’ll stay there until you get your house fixed,” said the pastor. Roanoke would have been more than 4o minutes away–a long drive for the 911 dispatcher to make twice daily.

Diana was so grateful for the kind offer. “I couldn’t believe that they would be so generous because I don’t attend the church and I’ve never met them before so for them to open up that offer for a stranger just to try to help was amazing,”

She was concerned about how long the repairs might take, but Pastor Nicely wasn’t.  “If it took 6 months, she had a home right here,” he said.

He added that tough times like these really bring out the best in people. “It brought people together, and you know that’s what Christians are about. That’s what church is supposed to be.”

Dianna knows that even though this was one of the hardest times of her life, she’s seen some of the best mankind has to offer. “That’s what makes this country great is when something like this does happen it doesn’t matter if you’re my friend, you’re my coworker, you’re my neighbor, or you’re a stranger. They’re reaching out. What do you need? What can I do for you? It’s amazing.”

WATCH: Church Houses Flood Victim for Months

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