Grandma Takes Speeders Into Her Own Hands With A Simple Bathroom Device

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This grandma was fed up with speeders flying through the neighborhood while children were playing. So she took out her hairdryer radar. All it takes is for one irresponsible driver to fly through the streets at the wrong time for a disaster to occur. We all know what it is like to see a driver speeding through an area where kids are playing. We can’t stand it, and if we could say a few words to them, we would.

Thankfully, a neighborhood grandma has a clever way to stop speeding drivers in their tracks. She stands at the end of her yard pointing a “radar gun” at fast cars. Little do these drivers know, it’s not actually a radar gun, is a hair dryer. Whatever does the trick right?

You would think that because she isn’t in uniform, drivers would ignore her. But there is something about a “radar gun” than will slow anybody down.

We are happy that this grandma is taking matters into her own hands. Sometimes law enforcement will come and monitor a busy street with children playing if things get out of hand. But there is also nothing like having one of your own making sure that things run smoothly (and slowly) day-in and day out!

“This is a very fast road and there are a lot of children in this area. I am worried that one could be killed or seriously injured.”

This grandma has her neighborhood under control, and we are loving every bit of it!

WATCH: Grandma Uses Hairdryer As Radar Gun

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