Mysterious Vision Goes Viral As Internet Guesses What It Is

mysterious vision over water - viral video

Mysterious Vision Over Water

A massive grey image loomed over Lake Superior and has the internet guessing what the mysterious vision is! The video quickly went viral as viewers wondered if it was a UFO, Ghost Ship or even possibly the second coming of Jesus Christ!

Take a look for yourself. What do you think this mysterious apparition is?

WATCH: Mysterious Vision Viral Video

Viewers’ Theories About What The Mysterious Image Is

Viewers have many theories as to what it is, including this viewer who didn’t think it looked like a ‘ghost ship’ at all:

viral video mysterious vision ghost ship

These viewers think it looks like Jesus walking on the water:

Jesus and peter - viral video mysterious vision ghost ship

This viewer believed it was a weather phenomenon and was clearly on #TeamTornado:

debunked viral video mysterious vision ghost ship

Finally, the video’s owner had this to say about the mysterious image:

owner comments viral video mysterious vision ghost ship

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credit: YouTube