Smart Bird Turns To Family At Park For Help Getting Water On A Hot Day

Smart Bird Turns To Family At Park For Help Getting Water On A Hot Day _ everything inspirational


When this smart bird was thirsty, he showed that he was not your average foul.  This little bird knew exactly where to find the water he needed.

A family was shocked when this bird came over to where they were sitting. He showed no fear as he tapped at their water bottle.  At first they thought he was after a snack and tossed him some crumbs. But this birdie wasn’t taking the bait. While the family tried moving the water bottle away, the bird followed.  There was no way he was giving up until he got what he came for!

Most people know the story of the crow and the pitcher.  When faced with a pitcher of water that was 1/2 full and unable to be reached, the crow began collecting rocks. With each rock he added, the water level raised. Finally the bird was able to reach what he sought and found his thirst quenched.  This crow apparently is an Aesop Fable fan!

It is amazing that this little bird knew that the water he needed was in the bottle.  His persistence towards this group of park-goers was impressive.

It didn’t take long for one brave boy to pour water in the cap of the water bottle which he offered to the bird.  After taking the drink that he needed, the smart bird was quickly on his way leaving the family amazed at his brilliance!

WATCH: Smart Bird Wants Help Getting Water

credit: Milos Pesic

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