Dad Does ‘Stinky Fish Challenge’ To Win Family Prizes

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Can fish really smell that bad and still be edible? According to the ‘Stinky Fish Challenge’ it has to be true. Joe challenged his family of girls to endure the Stinky Fish Challenge with him to win a fun prize for each of them. For one daughter it was bike, the other, it was a doll. And of course, diamonds for the wife. If these were the prizes, this must have been some really stinky fish!

The type of fish Joe had to eat is called Surströmming. It is a type of fermented fish that the Vikings would eat during their long voyages. This pungent fish is a great source of protein and minerals so it was the perfect boost.  Anything fermented smells a little sour, so we can’t imagine what fermented fish smells like.

When Joe cracked open the can of fish the girls went crazy! All of that stinkiness was trapped and now that it has gotten a bit of freedom it’s wreaking havoc. It’s hard to imagine something smelling that bad, but as the challenge continued it became quite believable.

The gag reflex ensued upon the wife and youngest daughter. Meanwhile, the oldest daughter was a true champ. She must have a stomach of steel.

After the whole ordeal Joe was finally able to take a bit of the stinky fish. The family won their prizes and it was time to let the windows open.

WATCH: Dad Does ‘Stinky Fish Challenge’

credit: Youtube/Joseph McCloskey

Could you have made it through the Stinky Fish Challenge? I’m not sure if we could have, because we barely made it through the video! But it was so much fun watching a family enjoy the simple (or should we say “stinky”) things in life.

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