Teachers Welcome Students Back To School With An Awesome Video

Teachers Welcome Students Back To School With An Awesome Video _ greenwood elementary _ everything inspirational

Greenwood Elementary School teachers welcome their students back to school with an awesome video! In an effort to get the staff and students excited to return for another school year, these teachers came together to show their fun side.

From the Principal to the Custodial Staff, the adults showed their Gator spirit!  Greenwood is a school in Glen Allen, Virginia and it’s clear that they love their school and the teachers love the community.

As kids were trying to psych themselves up for another year of early mornings, homework, and tests, these teachers showed there is more to school to love.  (And secretly trying to psych themselves up too!)  Greenwood obviously loves learning and has found the way to enjoy their time together. This is very evident with the high energy videos and posts on their Facebook page!

WATCH: Teachers Welcome Students With Video On Social Media

credit: Youtube/Kwolity Productions

We hope that everyone has had a great back-to-school start and that your teachers are as enthusiastic as Greenwood’s!

h/t: NBC12 News

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