Widow Befriends Neighbor’s Puppy And The Two Are Inseparable

Widow Befriends Neighbor's Puppy And The Two Are Inseparable _ everything inspirational

Widow Befriends Neighbor’s Puppy And The Two Are Inseparable

Since being widowed 30 years ago, Sally has lived alone. This 93-year-old loves dogs and quickly befriended her neighbor’s puppy. Now the two are inseparable!

Sally Rewehooeern grew up with animals on her family’s farm in Holland. Her love for the four-legged pals has never waned, even though she has not owned a dog since moving to the U.S in 1953.

When her husband passed away in 1990, Sally found herself alone.  With her children scattered around the country, Sally has developed her own “family” in her neighborhood. The locals keep an eye on her and she still participates in her local church family. But even they couldn’t fill the void that her new best friend, Brody, has accomplished.

Widow Befriends neighbor's puppy And The Two Are Inseparable _ everything inspirational
credit: Instagram/David Mazarella

David Mazzarella’s family has lived next to Sally for 15 of her 30 years in the area.  When their beloved dog, Blizzard, died the family added a new St. Bernard puppy, Brody, to their family. The adorable pup was 15-weeks-old and new to the neighborhood when he decided to go on a jaunt in his new surroundings. That lone stroll led him to Sally’s door, where he was greeted with love and a snack. They have been bonded ever since.


Sally And Brody: BFFs

Sally loves Brody’s company. He frequently follows her around her garden, takes car rides around town, and watches television while giving loving snuggles. Brody’s companionship has given Sally new joy and she is less lonely.

“From the moment he sees me he’s so happy,” said Sally. “Brody really loves me – Dave says it’s my voice.”

Since then, David has shared some of the duo’s daily adventures on his Instagram account. It originally was to share the adventures of Blizzard and Lulu (the family’s other canine) but since Blizzard’s passing, Lulu has been showing Brody the ropes. Now, many of the viewers are just as interested in the adventures of BFF’s, Brody and Sally!


I’m buying tonight Sally😂🐾❤🍪

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We’re not sure if their bond is due to Sally’s voice, charming accent, or absolutely infectious personality! Probably all of the above!

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