She Was Just Watching A TV News Report, But She Ended Up Engaged

TV News Anchors Proposal

Epic TV News Anchors Proposal

This just in, we’re reporting on a breaking story about true love in Richmond, VA. And in today’s forecast. . . happily ever after! When Trevor Dickerson wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him, he knew he had to do it in a special way. His brilliant idea? A TV news anchors proposal!

Under false pretenses, Trevor arranged for his girlfriend, Katie Jones, to go to the place where they first met. Trevor hid while their friends set the stage.

She thought she was going there for a business meeting. But the ‘business presentation’ that played on the TV was actually a very clever surprise wedding proposal. Trevor pulled out all the stops, using his connections to enlist the help from popular radio DJs, TV news reporters and weather forecasters from the local media!

After jokingly stumbling over his friend Trevor’s name, Andrew Frieden’s ‘forecast’ for the happy couple was simple.

“The chance of Katie saying ‘yes’ to this is close to 100%,” the meteorologist said.

And in these times when so much of the news is bad news, this is one report you definitely won’t want to miss!

 WATCH: TV News Anchors Proposal

Congratulations Trevor and Katie!

h/t: NBC12