Claire Ryann’s Daddy Daughter Disney Duets Will Delight You

Claire Ryann David Crosby daddy daughter duo sing you've got a friend in me ellen

Claire Ryann Crosby is a 4-year-old who took the world by storm with the viral videos of her singing and making music with her Dad, Dave Crosby. The two recently performed on Ellen, singing ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ from the Walt Disney Pixar movie Toy Story.

WATCH: Claire Ryann & David Cosby Perform ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ 

Claire has been impressing the internet with her sweet voice and expressive performances. When Claire was just three years old, she already had several viral videos under her belt. People can’t get enough of this talented toddler!

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Her dad, David, writes songs for commercials. He noticed that Claire could carry a tune when she was only a year old. She was able to match the pitch with her voice of the notes she played on the piano.

WATCH: Claire Ryann Sings ‘See the Light’ from Disney Movie Tangled

David shared where he got the idea to put videos of Claire on YouTube, saying, “One day, I was getting an oil change and while I was paying, [Claire] suddenly burst out into the Little Mermaid song, walking around the waiting area and being so dramatic. It made everyone in the waiting room laugh and people were pulling out their cell phones and recording it.”

WATCH: Claire Ryann Sings ‘Reflection’ from Disney Movie Mulan

It was only natural that the talented toddler would choose to sing Disney songs. In addition to near-perfect pitch, Claire is also able to memorize song lyrics that she hears very quickly and easily. And what little girl doesn’t love listening to her favorite Disney princesses sing?

WATCH: Claire Ryann Sings ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ at Home 

We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to sweet Claire Ryann as much as we did! Here’s one last song featuring little 3-year-old Claire singing ‘Part of Your World.’

WATCH: Claire Ryann Sings Disney Movie The Little Mermaid

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