Boy Wows Idina Menzel When He Sings “Let It Go”

Boy Wows Idina Menzel When He Sings "Let It Go"

An 11-year-old boy named Luke Chacko lived the dream of every young fan of Disney’s “Frozen” movie. Called on stage at a concert, this young boy wows Idina Menzel when he sings “Let It Go”. He never expected to perform a concert with the famous Broadway singer but his dreams came true that day!

As Idina Menzel was performing the most recognized song on the Frozen soundtrack, she heard her audience full of children singing along with her. She called them to sit on stage with her as she continued the song. She immediately noticed Luke because he was the only boy in the crowd of children.


Idina handed him the microphone and asked him to sing. “He is good too”, you hear someone yell from the crowd. Sure enough, Luke completely stole the show! The famous singer was in total shock at how much he was in love with the song since most boys who come up at concerts tell her they do not like the song.

So impressed by Luke’s vocals, she asked him to sing it a second time for the crowd to fully hear the range of his voice. With nervousness leaving his body, Luke finished the song with a flawless pitch.  

“I can’t even sing it like that!” Idina says.


WATCH: 11-year-old Wows Idina Menzel

credit: Youtube/Ruby Sparrow

Luke was not afraid to take to the opportunity to show off his voice. When asked, he said music is a big part of his life.  He is always ready to put on a grand performance!

“I practice all the time, so I was prepared but I certainly didn’t expect that she would ever really ask me to come onstage and sing with her,” Luke told E! News.

Luke definitely has a bright future ahead of him!

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