This Grandpa Dances In The Park And Shows Age Doesn’t Matter

This Grandpa Dances In The Park And Shows Age Doesn't Matter _ everything inspirational

This Grandpa Dances In The Park And Shows Age Doesn’t Matter

Dancing has is known to be it’s own “Fountain of Youth”. This Grandpa dances his heart out in the park and proves that age is indeed, just a number.

When this video began making the rounds on social media, it quickly became a hit. Dancing is a universal language along with music. Watching this Grandpa out dance his partner (who is very talented) quickly became a rally for older generation to “keep moving”.  The desire to see elders in good health unified the internet viewers even more.  Many shared the video to family encouraging them to take up dancing as a healthy hobby.

“Grandpa is a smooth dancer. His timing, balance and foot work is awesome to watch,” writes Madonna Clark Madiva. “The best thing you can do is get up and move at his age. Grandpa should do his own work out dance video. I would buy it.”

“…shows how beautiful two generations can be combined in a dance like this…” MsAnnieGuab commented. 

Dancing For Good Health

In various cities of China, it is not uncommon to see groups dancing in the parks as a way to maintain a healthful lifestyle. It is a respected pastime and observers are usually very supportive of the participants.  Several social media viewers commented on these videos discussing their experiences with the park dancing in China.

“Yes, I’ve been in China [f]or 6 yrs, and every afternoon you will see them in a park, doing dancing, following a big live screen with a loud music. All kinds of people were dancing and I love to joined them every Saturday and Sunday as if it’s their exercise.”  stated Rita Lanawan

Dancing in the open parks of China has recently taken off even further in popularity.  With an aging population and cost of senior centers and fitness centers, groups are gathering to dance as a way to maintain good health. Many of the younger generation are joining their grandparents and seeing the fun and usefulness of the groups!

This Grandpa Dances In The Park And Shows Age Doesn't Matter _ everything inspirational
credit: CNN
“Our main purpose is to get some exercise,” said Ma Lijun, 56, a square dancer. Since 2012, she has shown up religiously at 8 p.m. in the square in front of Beijing’s Raffles shopping mall. “All the songs we dance to are the one we like, the ones we grew up with.”
Here are two clips of a Grandpa and a younger girl (perhaps his granddaughter) enjoying dancing in the park.  The songs are very catchy. Like line-dancing the dance steps are repetitive and easy to pick up. Which makes this form of exercise even more desirable!

WATCH: Grandpa Dances Heart Out In The Park

No matter what the reason for this talented duo, we are glad that the moment was shared with the rest of the world. It’s inspiring to see multi-generational groups uniting in such a joyful way!

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