Cops Join In On Slip-N-Slide Fun After Responding A To Call To Remove It

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A few unhappy folks called the police department to end the neighborhood’s slip-n-slide fun.  The disgruntled neighbors were complaining that the apparatus was blocking a road. It was Fourth of July weekend and one of the local dads put the giant slip-n-slide together for everyone to enjoy at the neighborhood block party.

When the police crew responded to the scene, they determine that the slip-n-slide was A-okay!

“We looked at it and determined it wasn’t really an issue,” Officer Carrie Lee said “So the first thing I said [was], I’m not here to break up your fun.”

But no one saw what was coming next.  The police officers decided to give the slip-n-slide a run themselves!



One by one they slid down the giant contraption — this had to be the highlight of their day. They joined in with the kids too.

The families were so relieved and excited that the police officers let the party continue. But they never thought that they would actually join in.

WATCH: Cops Join In On Slip-N-Slide Fun

credit: Youtube/Kat Smith

They poked fun at the anonymous person when they resident Katlen Joyce Smith said,

“I hope the neighbor who called them saw it all go down!”

WATCH: Cops Join In The Neighborhood Slip-N-Slide Fun

It must have been so refreshing to soak up some suds on such a hot day. Now these fun-filled officers will have to explain why they are dripping wet at their next call.

At the end of one officer’s ride he said,

“My butt is wet!”

It’s nice to have police officers who are going out of their way to be apart of the community. These kids will never forget the time the slid with their local law enforcement.

h/t: DailyCaller

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