Teacher Inspires Kids In The Classroom, Then They Learn What He Does at Home

teacher jeffrey wright

Inspiring Teacher Jeffrey Wright Stuns Students with his Secret

Teacher Jeffrey Wright is the kind of classroom teacher that all teachers should aspire to be like. He engages his students, makes his subject interesting, and he truly cares. His students love him, but what is really surprising about him is what happens when he goes home.

I was already floored by this man, but then I learned his secret at 3:50 and my mouth dropped. He is so gifted at teaching because he realizes ‘one size doesn’t fit all’. He understands that his students are going through a lot of things at home that affect them in the classroom. And when you see his home life, you’ll see why he is so empathetic. He doesn’t let his life get him down, he uses it to lift others up. You never know what other people are going through. . . watch and be inspired!

WATCH: Inspiring Teacher Jeffrey Wright Rocks Classroom, Is Hero at Home


source: youtube