Policemen Turn Rescue Pit Bulls Into K9 Patrol Dogs

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Most people mistake Pit Bulls for vicious dogs that attack without warning. But that is far from the truth. Pit Bulls have lots of good things about them that could bring us protection and safety. That is why Police Departments are finally beginning to use rescue Pit Bulls as apart of their K9 units.

We want you to meet Libby. She is a graduate of the Universal K9 program.

Libby was on her way to be euthanized in a high kill shelter when she was rescued. Soon after her rescue, the purpose for her doggy life was revealed.

In 2015, Libby made a major drug bust. She found loads and loads of drugs including marijuana, steroids, and painkillers. As Libby took her photo with her findings she gave an appropriate snarl for the camera. Good girl Libby! And to think, she was just days away from being put down at the shelter.

WATCH: Rescue Pit Bulls Become Police Dogs

credit: Youtube/FANNY & CUTE Animal

Not only do Pit Bulls cost less than the average German Shepherd police dog, but they are born with natural abilities that make them perfect for the job. Pit Bulls are athletic, they are loyal, and they LOVE people. Consequently, even the military has started using Pit Bulls; they are used to detect drugs, bombs,  bodies, or to track down criminals on the run. In fact, these Pit Bulls rarely are used to attack.

It’s amazing how useful this loyal and loving dog breed can be. Thankfully, because of policemen around the country, many Pit Bulls are having their lives saved so that they can save the lives of others.


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credit: Facebook/Governor of Queensland