Police Dog Is Fired For Being Nice But Gets A New And Better Job

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Police Dog Is Fired For Being Nice But Gets A New And Better Job

Gavel, the German shepherd was fired from being a police dog because he was just too sweet and friendly. Instead of helping to catch the bad guys,  he was likely trying to get a belly rub. There was nothing intimidating or about this happy pup. Gavel was only interested in enjoy life and making people smile, and for those reasons he didn’t make a good police dog.

But Gavel wasn’t going to be out of work for long, his resume’ in law reinforcement landed him the job of his dreams. The Governor took interest in Gavel.

Gavel lived in Gov. Paul de Jersey’s home when he was just a 10-week-old K-9, he was supposed to live in the governor’s mansion throughout  his police training. When the governor learned that Gavel was let go of, he decided that he’d adopt him. At that moment, Gavel got a new job as the  official Vice-Regal dog.


His job duties are to be is normal friendly and fun-loving self. Gavel welcomes visitors at the Governor’s home and he even gets to dress up to attend official ceremonies.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Before starting his new job, Gavel signed a contract with a paw print. It’s official, Gavel is the best Vice-Regal dog ever. I’m sure if the people had their way, they’d reappoint him every year.



That just goes to show that sometimes bad things happen to good people (or pooches). But if you are patient, there’s always something good waiting just around the corner.

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