Dog Miraculously Returns Home After Being Missing 9 Years

dog missing 9 years returns home

Dog Missing 9 Years Returns Home

Imagine coming home to find out that burglars had broken in and stolen your computer. Now imagine that while they were stealing from you, they also let out your beloved dog, and you can’t find her anywhere. That’s exactly what happened to Sally Butters back in 2007.  Now imagine your amazement and surprise when your dog missing 9 years returns home.

Sally did everything to find her sweet pup after she went missing 9 years ago, but her toy poodle Gigi was nowhere to be found. But then 9 years later, Gigi was found wandering around in a town 20 miles from Sally’s home, and identified through her microchip.

“I’m shocked because you always hope you’ll get your dog back. But you know, 9 years? And at 13 years old she’s still allive?!” Sally said. “What a Christmas present!”

Gigi’s fur was matted and encrusted with burrs, and she’s lost her teeth. But none of that matters to Sally, who’s just happy to have Gigi home again.

“It’s just a wonderful miracle, and a happy birthday and a Merry Christmas for all my family!”

A Christmas miracle indeed!

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