3 Cats Happily Watch 1 Bird Until. . . Wait For It

3 cats watch bird until dog surprises them

These furry feline friends were happily enjoying the little things in life, and it was so peaceful. The 3 cats calmly sat and enjoyed the beauty of the day — an open door with a view of a bird to keep them entertained.

Keep watching and see what made this funny video go viral!

WATCH: 3 Cats Watch A Bird

Who else has THAT friend who shows up and totally changes the entire mood of the hang-out? LOL

Who Else Has That One Friend Who. . .

Who else has that one friend who always gets you in trouble. . .and it’s so much fun?
3 cats we all have that one friend













Who else has that one friend like this funny kitty? (Spoiler alert, if you don’t know who that guy is in your friend group, it might be you!)














Who else has that friend who is a little out there, but you love her because she totally embraces it!
we all have that one friend












credit: rumble