Girl Breaks The Rules And Smuggles Dog Into Hospital For Sick Grandma

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Girl Breaks The Rules And Smuggles Dog Into Hospital For Sick Grandma

Shelby Hennick, is 21-year-old a veterinary technician who would do anything for her grandma. She was heart broken to learn that her beloved grandma was almost left paralyzed because of a reaction to her medications.

Shelby was concerned for her grandma when she said, “She was unable to walk for two days and would fall over. Unfortunately my grandpa is hard of hearing so he wouldn’t know she had fallen until hours went by and she was on the floor.”

Shelby’s grandma was in the hospital for three days when she decided to do something to cheer her up. Her grandma’s dog Patsy would surely bring a smile to her face.

“She got her dog, Patsy, when she was only a couple weeks old, she had to be bottle fed and fit in the palm of her hand.” Shelby explained.“She’s had her for about 13 years now so it’s a pretty strong bond between the two!”

Unfortunately, one of grandma’s most welcomed visitors wouldn’t be allowed in the hospital. But that didn’t stop Shelby from doing whatever it would take to bring a smile to her face.

Shelby dog-napped Patsy, wrapped her up like a baby and smuggle her into the hospital. She covered the dog with a blanket so that no one would see.

“Nothing was planned.” Shelby said, “I just by chance had a blanket in my car, swaddled her up and just walked in! Luckily we’ve been in the hospital enough lately that they remembered who we were so we just walked by and waved to them!”

And Patsy was one smart dog, she must have been in on the plan, “Patsy was quiet the whole time, she actually kept licking my arm. I’m pretty sure one of the nurses had her suspicion but she walked away! Thank God!”

When they finally reached the hospital room it was all smiles:

“My sister had a baby about a year ago so I think my grandma thought it was him because when I walked in she went ‘Oh you brought the baby!’ and then I put Patsy down on her lap and she was so surprised! Patsy kept crying and couldn’t get close enough.”

Shelby knew that her mission was accomplished, “I was really happy we were able to pull it off, and I’m sure it made her day.”

While there are many reasons not to take an animal into the hospital, many locations will work with the family to accommodate.  There are many amazing stories of individuals who recovered against all odds after having their four-legged friends visit them in the hospital. However, due to allergies and illnesses, it is always best to go through the proper channels so that your joy doesn’t become someone else’s pain.

We’re glad that this visit worked to help this sweet Grandma get better!

H/T: Metro

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