Boy With Dwarfism Helps Sick Kids Instead Of Getting Birthday Gifts

brenden baker dance moves birthday

Brenden Baker Uses Viral Video Fame To Help Others

Brenden Baker is a ‘rare breed’ as they say. This 13-year-old has shown that his heart for others is unusually large, though his body may be small. Brenden was born with a rare form of dwarfism called Desbuquois syndrome, but it’s his acts of kindness that he’s best known. For his last birthday, Brenden requested donations for his local children’s hospital instead of receiving presents for his birthday.


“I think his is just Brenden. This is just him doing what he does. He cares more about other people than he does himself. That’s what amazes me about this kid. He’s got such a big heart. For most kids on their birthdays, they just want their presents. Not him. He’s just different.” said Brenden’s dad, Chris Baker.

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“He’s 27-and-a-quarter inches long and he weighs 24 pounds,” Brenden’s addedg. “It’s a rare form of dwarfism and he’s one of 34 in the world that’s got it. He knows he’s short and really doesn’t care. He doesn’t let the world bother him at all. I’ve never seen him have a sad day in his life.”

Brenden decided to give up presents in order to raise money for a children’s hospital. He got the idea to use GoFundMe to raise donations from his grandad. Brenden became somewhat famous after a video of him dancing with his school dance troupe (below) went viral, and he was hoping his online fans would help him raise the funds.

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What an inspiration Brenden is! You can see the joy he has for life in his dancing and can’t help but feel joyful, too, when you watch him. And his acts of kindness just show how truly special he is.

h/t: ABCnews