Boy Says Final Goodbye To His 91-year-old WWII Vet BFF

emmett and erling final goodbye 91-year-old friend

Emmett And Erling Say Final Farewells

Emmett and Erling are best friends. They met when they lived next door to one another in the same neighborhood.

2-year-old Emmett loved his World War II vet friend, Erling, and used to love to race tractors with Erling and ‘help’ Erling with his yardwork and gardening.

“He would also go knock on Erling’s door and ask if Erling could play,” Emmett’s mom said.

Then two years ago, the preschooler and the growing Rychner family moved to a nearby town, leaving their friend Erling Kindem behind.

Gone, but not forgotten, the two would still visit one another. Erling would pop by to surprise Emmett with cherry tomatoes he’d grown in his garden, one of the boy’s favorite foods.

“If we hadn’t visited in a while, Erling would call, and we would go visit,” she said. “Or sometimes the kids we’d say, ‘We should go see Erling,’ and we would stop on our way home from school.”

Eventually, Erling moved into a nursing home where he could receive respite care. Just last week, Emmett paid Erling a visit there. Emmett read Erling the Lord’s Prayer and Erling told his young friend to mind his parents.

emmett and erling best friends 91-year-old WWII vet

That visit would end up being their final goodbye. Three days later, Erling breathed his last breath.

Emmett’s parents told him of his friend’s passing. They said he was a little quieter than usual, reflecting on the news.

“We’re just going to have to wait a really long time and then we’ll see him again in heaven,” Emmett wisely said.

And even though Emmett is only a 6-year-old, his mom knows she’ll remember this friendship for the rest of his life.


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