61-Year-Old Becomes Surrogate And Carries Grandchild For Her Daughter

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When you are a mother there isn’t much that you wouldn’t do for your children. And when you’re a grandparent the sky is the limit for what you would do for a precious grandchild. That is why when 61-year-old Kristine Casey was asked to be a surrogate for her daughter Sara, she gave a resounding yes.

Sara had many struggles with infertility. Even after fertility treatment, Sara delivered still born twins and endured a miscarried after that. But Kristine had successful pregnancies of her own, even at her age, there would be no greater candidate for Sara’s surrogate.

When Kristine was told the risk of carrying a baby at her age Sara tells us that her mom laughed,

“My mother leaned far back in her chair and began to laugh. ‘Tired!’ she said. ‘I was tired when I had no help and two children under five to run after every day. I’m retired now – I don’t have to do anything. If fatigue is the big factor, I think I can handle it.’ “

The mother and daughter pair held hands as Baby Finnean arrived by cesarean section.

“When the baby let out a cry, I lost it,” Sara said. “It’s such a miracle.”


everthing inspirational - grandma surrogate
credit: Mary Rafferty / Bringing in Finn: An Extraordinary Surrogacy Story

That must have been a magical moment for everyone who attended the birth. We know that this grandma will have a special bond with her grandson. We know that this family’s bond will be even stronger than it was before. Thanks to the unconditional love of her own mother, Sara is now a mother to a beautiful boy. This story is proof of that a mother’s love knows no heights or depths.

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