They See Color For The First Time And Their Reactions Are So Touching

They See Color For The First Time And Their Reactions Are So Touching _ everything inspirational

Most of us have met or know someone who experiences color-blindness, the decreased ability to see some or all colors. There are three types of colorblindness: red/green, blue/yellow, or total color loss. The most common is the inability to distinguish green vs. red color. While there is no cure for color blindness, due to advancing technology there are now glasses which adjust the ability to see color.

Enchroma Lenses were developed to adjust the cause of color-blindness using an optimal filter that adjusts the balance of the photopigments in the eye. By doing this, the glasses are able to alter the light amount which blurs the distinction between red and green. Since these lenses have become available, people have been filming their loved ones reactions to seeing full color for the first time.

Each experience is so touching with emotions ranging from excitement, disbelief, and complete emotional meltdowns. Understandably, the experience of regaining the ability to see color or seeing life differently for the first time could be very overwhelming. Here are a few of our favorite moments when people see color for the first time.

WATCH: 10-Year-Old’s Sweet Reaction To See Color

credit: Youtube/Caters Clips

Xavier McCoury inherited his color blindness from his grandfather. When he was only 3 his mother realized he couldn’t see color when he couldn’t identify the color of a rabbit.  Since then, the family has been researching and hoping to find something that would allow Xavier to experience color.  On a whim, they decided to try the glasses and Xavier’s reaction is priceless

“Yellow’s my favorite color because when I was color blind it was dark and now I can see it, it’s bright and stands out,” Xavier says. 

WATCH: 50-Year-Old Is Overwhelmed By Color And It’s Beautiful

credit: Youtube/DelilaSmelcer

For Chris Smelcer, the emotions started as soon as he realized what was in his birthday package. On his 50th birthday, Chris had lived his life with little to no ability to see color.  His reaction to the glasses was so touching! As soon as he put them on, it’s clear he is in complete amazement.

“Oh, my god!” he exclaims.

Hand over mouth, Chris continues to look around and repeat his amazement.

“This is crazy!”  “Look at my pants! BLUE jeans, right?”

When he steps into the sunlight and looks at the trees, his excitement can barely be contained. It’s obvious by his body language that the opportunity to experience color was the perfect birthday gift for Chris!

WATCH: Teen Gifted EnCroma Glasses By Her Art Class

credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

Stevie Kaczor, 18, was diagnosed as colorblind when she was 12 years old.  Since seeing the online videos of people’s reactions to the new corrective lens wear, she was hopeful to afford them when she went to college. Her AP Art Teacher and fellow students decided that was too long for her to wait and surprised her with a pair of the glasses one day in class.  Her reaction to seeing colors that are an every day occurrence for others is so moving!

“You guys see this every day?” she asks while looking at a flowering plant near the school entrance.

“I saw the sunset last night, and that was really cool”, said Stevie. 

The generosity of Stevie’s classmates, teacher, and school to provide this experience for her is fantastic. Well done!

WATCH: Experiencing A Garden Center In Color

credit: Youtube/Justinio2

Justin Lacy hasn’t been able to see color his whole life. When he learned about the new glasses, as an artist, there was no question he needed to try them out. What better location to experience color for the first time than at a garden center?

“I don’t know how to explain it. The leaves are outlined!” he says. 

When he experiences the color purple for the first time, he begins to realize that there are not just different colors but different shades of the same color.  He begins to realize how color-coding is used in products.  Justin is amazed as he inspects the color of his skin, the videographer’s eyes, and then decides he wants to see the paint color cards to see the differences!

WATCH: How Color-Blind See The World

credit: Youtube/TechInsider

While EnChroma lenses do not cure color blindness, they certainly are changing people’s lives.  We could watch these amazing videos of life-changing color experiences all day long!


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