Remembering Pop And Country Music Legend, Glen Campbell

Remembering Music Legend Glen Campbell _ everything inspirational

The world is mourning the passing of music legend, Glen Campbell.  Highly recognized for his popular Country-Pop crossover tune “Rhinestone Cowboy”, Glen possessed so much talent! He was an actor, singer, musician, and television host.

Born April 22, 1936 in Delight, Arkansas, Glen came to be known for his solo music career. But before that, he held a reputation as an incredible guitarist. Among many of the songs his fretwork can be recognized in are the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” and “Help Me Rhonda,” Sinatra’s “Something in the Night” and Elvis Presley’s “Viva Las Vegas,” just to name a few!

It was during his teenage years that Glen developed his guitar skills.  He got his start in a band, named Dick Bills and the Sandia Mountain Boys,  with his Uncle Boo. It was that band’s regular gig on the local radio that encouraged Glen’s musical interests.

“Music was my world before they started putting a label on it,” he told in 1999. “We had a five-day-a-week radio show, six, seven years. You use up a lot of material doing that. We did everything from country to pop, when rock came along.”

From 1969 to 1972, Glen became a true household name with “The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour” on CBS.  He also was a co-star in the John Wayne hit “True Grit”.  Even while he was working on his acting, he still continued to crank out musical hit after hit.

In 2011, he released another album “Ghost on the Canvas” and  went on his final tour. That same year he also announced to worried fans that he was battling Alzheimer’s Disease. Despite the set-back diagnosis, he had a great year and even received a lifetime honor from the Grammys.

As a way to help promote Alzheimer’s research, Glen’s struggle was chronicled in the documentary “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me,”. The film shadowed him on his last tour showing how he overcame difficult moments with the disease.

In an interview with CNN, Glen said “I am content with it. Don’t cry over spilt milk,” he said. “Get up and be a man and do what you have got to do.” 

Glen is noted for having said that on a few occasions he forgot lyrics or chords on stage. It was his fans who would sing along and guide him back into familiar territory. Several of his children were in the back up band on his final tour.  Glen often played with his daughter, Ashley.  There is no mistaking the joy on his face!

Remembering Music Legend Glen Campbell _ everything inspirational
credit: Rolling Stone

Here are just a few of the thousands of Glen’s friends and celebrity family offering their memories of this great music legend.

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Glen’s obit in the New York Times reads of a man who lived a larger than life career but one who also loved greatly and was greatly loved in return. He will be incredibly missed.


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