High School Students React to Anonymous Compliment Box

High School Students React to Anonymous Compliment Box_ everything inspirational

One compliment can truly make a difference in someone’s life. These high school students get that and all of the love is spreading like wildfire! They set up boxes all around their high school where anyone can write notes to anonymously compliment each other.

The “Anonymous Compliment Box” has been a huge confidence booster and have affected the students in a positive way. We can all agree that it is always encouraging to hear the kind things that someone thinks about us.

 “You’ve got the words to change a nation”

David Debiak and Michael Ricciardone, two students who are in the high school’s video club came up with the idea to make a video of student’s reaction to reading their compliments out loud. It is amazing to see how the students react to the kind words that their peers wanted to say them.

  “Thank you! I really needed that today! Thanks!”, one student said in response to her compliment.

Some of the students responded bashfully as if they could not even believe that someone feels that way about them.  While other students were elated and giggled and danced while reading their affirmations. Some of them completely bawled their eyes out as they took in every sweet word.    

“Keep being you because you are great”.

WATCH: Students Give Each Other Compliments

Credit: Youtube/Warrior Broadcast Center 

But every student’s smile got bigger and bigger as they got to the end of their note. You can tell who really needed to hear the compliment. It goes to show that one kind word will truly light up your world. I hope they keep this going. We can really learn from these students, you never know who needs a kind word.

WATCH: Students Write Encouraging Notes

Credit: Youtube/Warrior Broadcast Center

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