Star Wars Celebrity Surprises Military Family With Scholarship

Star Wars Celebrity Surprises Military Family With Scholarship _ everything inspirational

Star Wars Celebrity Surprises Military Family With Scholarship

Hollywood celebrity, Adam Driver, delivers the news to a military family that their daughter won a Folds of Honor Scholarship to cover her college tuition.

Adam Driver is best known for his villainous role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  But what few know, is that he was in the U.S. Marine Corps before becoming an actor.

“September 11 happened and all my friends were like ‘Let’s join the military!’ and I was the only one who actually did.” Adam told

Adam quickly adapted to the discipline, structure and comradery of the Marine Corps.  When it was time to deploy however, Adam was left behind. He injured his sternum in a mountain biking accident. Adam tried to recover by training harder.  He wanted to prove that he could still be useful to the Corps. But after two years of service, he was medically discharged.

This injury allowed Adam to rethink his life goals. He decided to attend Julliard and study drama. This step led to roles on Broadway and eventually Hollywood. But Adam never forgot his brothers in the USMC or the important lessons that his time in the military taught him.

“You’re aware of your own mortality, and also of how much you can accomplish in a day. Time is precious, and you don’t want to waste it.”

Unexpected Surprise

When Budweiser Corporation contacted Adam to deliver some amazing news to Haley Williams, daughter of a disabled veteran, Adam was all in.  Together with The Folds of Honor Foundation Scholarship, Budweiser has been working to offer military families scholarships.  In the past six years, they have helped fund more than 2,000 scholarships for veteran families!

“I feel very privileged to be a part of the work that Folds of Honor and Budweiser are doing in their support of our military community and highlighting the importance of the family surrounding them,” says Driver.

Star Wars Celebrity Surprises Military Family With Scholarship _ everything inspirational
credit: Youtube/Budweiser

Haley has been studying to become a nurse. Her father, John, was injured before his US Army unit was deployed in Desert Storm. His back is now fused, leaving him unable to work a full-time job. Haley works 40 hours a week to help the family. She struggles to pay for her tuition and college costs.  When her senior year was looking to be unaffordable, Haley applied for the Folds scholarship. They never would have dreamed to see Adam Driver with the acceptance letter. Adam also came with an extra surprise.

“Budweiser and I thought that you shouldn’t have to worry about school, so Budweiser is going to be covering all your remaining school expenses for the rest of next year.” 

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