Soldier Returns Home to Emotional Younger Sister

Soldier Returns Home to Emotional Younger Sister _ shane rader _ everything inspirational

Soldier Returns Home to Emotional Younger Sister

After three long years of deployment, this soldier returns home and completely takes his younger sister by surprise. The result is an emotional reunion!

Shane Rader is a 22 year old from Arizona currently serving with the U.S. Army. He has been stationed in Italy for three long years. Shane and his younger sister Elizabeth have been very close since childhood. His deployment has been exceptionally difficult for Elizabeth.


soldier returns home surprises sister _ army _ everything inspirational
credit: Facebook/Elizabeth Copeland

When Shane comes into the house, the family dog instantly starts barking for joy but Elizabeth doesn’t notice at first.  As soon as she looks up and sees Shane, her emotions are obvious. Elizabeth instantly wraps her arms and legs around him as they hold each other in a long, silent embrace. There is no denying the bond between the two!

Their older brother, John said, “I loved Elizabeth’s reaction, you can tell just how excited and overcome with emotion she was.”

Shane learned that his duty term would end in December but decided to keep it a secret from his family.

“He played it off through Snapchat, and made it seem like he was still in Italy and would be there for a while,” John told “He let me know, but he didn’t want to tell anyone else.”

Older brother, John was the one who helped Shane pull off his surprise. John then filmed the emotional reunion.

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