Bride Steps Away From Fiancé At Altar, Then Watch Her Hands

bride backs away - signs at wedding

Bride Backs Away From Groom At Altar

In the beginning of this video, the bride backs away and I held my breath. When Brittany and Evan stood before their guests in the church, no one knew what Brittany was planning to do. She surprised her groom-to-be, Evan by stepping back when it was time to share her vows. What she did next is so beautiful!

Brittany is a Liberty University alumnus who happens to be very passionate about sign language (ASL), so she took a moment during her wedding ceremony to express her emotions to her new husband in a beautiful and unique way.

Evan was obviously surprised and visibly moved when his bride-to-be stepped away from him and began to ‘sing’ along to a song that had special meaning to the two of them.

Brittany shared the following on her Facebook page:

“As many of you know, I love sign language (still learning and have a long way to go)! For our wedding, I wanted to surprise Evan with signing a song that has come to mean so much to us both,” Brittany shared. She goes on to share that early in her engagement, she enlisted the help from two friends. One to help teach her sign language, and another to perform the music live at the ceremony. All the groom knew was the second friend would be performing “special music” for the ceremony. “We listed it in the program that way and I even had him perform it at our rehearsal to make Evan believe it,” she added.

Evan and I wanted our wedding ceremony to reflect a worshipful mindset. We chose this song because of the message it presents- it is something we continue to pray for our marriage- that we will Praise the Lord together.

What did you think of Brittany and Evan’s special moment? Did you have a memorable moment in your wedding or one you’ve attended? Tell us about it in the comments below.

h/t: YouTube