Blind Cat Has Touching Reaction To Favorite Musician Playing The Piano

Sarper Duman _ Blind Cat Reaction to Piano video _ everything inspirational

Animals are known to respond to music, particularly those with disabilities.  Namik is a blind cat who was rescued by a loving man. When he hears favorite musician play piano, the reaction is so moving!  Hearing a recording on a cell phone, Namik quickly wraps his paw around the device and pulls it in for a tight squeeze.

Sarper Duman is a well-know pianist in Turkey.  But he is also known for his love of animals and his rescue cats who love to sit on it lap while he plays.

“I always play piano at my home almost every night and whenever I sit to play, all my cats come around, they hang out with me and they love to sleep around the piano,” Duman said in a recent interview.

Since posting his videos on Youtube and Instagram, Duman has found a strong following not only with humans but with felines.  Namik, the blind orange cat, might be one of his biggest fans!

WATCH: Blind Cat Has Sweet Reaction To Duman’s Music


“This has been the most touching message i’ve ever recieved. This beautiful blind cat’s name is Namık. They say he acts that way whenever he is shown my videos. It’s so impressive for me… Always be happy Namık !


WATCH: Rescue Cats Enjoying Piano Music

credit: Youtube/Sarper Duman

Duman posts adorable videos of his cats enjoying the piano music regularly on his Instagram.   Here are a few of our favorites!


“İyi geceler” 🎹🐈🤗🎶 . “Good night” 🎹🐈🤗🎶

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We love how you can hear his sweet feline purring loudly to the music!


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