Baby’s Insanely Happy Wake-Up Routine Is Going Viral For The Cutest Reason

Baby's Insanely Happy Wake-Up Routine _ everything inspirational

Baby’s Insanely Happy Wake-Up Routine Is Going Viral For The Cutest Reason

We love this baby’s insanely happy morning reaction! Every morning when Kaden is unswaddled, he does the silliest thing with his arms and it’s adorable.



This sweet 5 month old baby is taking the internet by storm! Baby Kaden starts each day off with a stretch, but not just any stretch- more like a jack-in-the-box reaction to having his swaddling undone.  According to Kaden’s father, Kent Siri, the boy has been doing this every morning like clock work since he was born.

“It’s almost like he has springs in his arms because they pop up like that.” Kent told Huffington Post.

Starting just as a simple video share with family and friends, Siri realized that the videos of Kaden would be funny to dub with various popular movie dialogue and music (songs like “YMCA” by the Village People).  He posted a video mashup and it instantly went viral gathering more than 6 million Facebook views!

Siri told Fox59:  “We had been posting the individual clips on Facebook for weeks, but when I put the compilation together, things just exploded. Frankly, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around all of it!”

Baby's Insanely Happy Wake-Up Routine _ baby stretch _ everything inspirational
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There is no denying that adorable KPtheBaby, as his new social media sites are labeled, is a charming morning person!  As to why he is swaddled in the first place, his dad says that Kaden has a strong startle reflex which can wake him up at night. Like many babies, swaddling at night gives Kaden a sense of comfort and helps him sleep undisturbed.  He probably needs that sleep to keep up with his adorable stretching routine!


WATCH: KP the Baby’s Insanely Happy Morning Stretch


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