Farmer Is Shocked To Find Chicken Keeping Kittens Warm Instead of Eggs

farmer finds chicken taking care of kittens instead of eggs _ everything inspirational

This farmer had the shock of a life time when he went to collect eggs. Expecting to find several eggs for breakfast, he instead found a very confused chicken keeping kittens warm!

It is still unknown how these little kittens ended up inside the chicken coop. There was no mama cat to be found.  But this motherly hen was more than willing to keep all the little babies warm. Whether they were of the ‘foul’ family or ‘feline’ family didn’t matter much to her.  Babies are babies and they must be watched over!

Hens are known for being willing to sit on just about anything.  Whether the babies are their species or not.  These hens are proving to be the best baby sitters a mama cat can find. Her babies are well cared for and snuggly warm!

WATCH: Motherly Chicken Keeps Litter of Kittens Warm

credit: Youtube/meen je Niet!

Apparently this motherly hen isn’t the only chick taking on raising kittens.  Here is another hen happily sitting on her “brood” of felines. Of course for those who grew up on a farm, you know that it is unusual to find a happy barn cat and broody hen sharing early parenting duties!

WATCH: Happy Hen Warms Kittens

credit: Youtube/Daeta Robinson

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