The Mozart of Chickens Plays The Piano

chicken plays the piano

Talented Chicken Plays The Piano

A common myth is that chickens are not intelligent birds. The truth is, that they are very intelligent and are said to be even smarter than a human toddler. Meet Jokgu the chicken. She is just one example of how smart these birds actually are. This chicken plays the piano and is clearly very smart and talented too.

Trained and conditioned by her owners to play Puccini’s “O Mio Babbino Caro”. They used positive reinforcement and a keyboard that lights up to accomplish this. The time and dedication put into training  Jokgu clearly paid off. It is just amazing to watch just how intelligent these birds really are. To be able to teach a chicken how to play the piano is pretty astounding.  This should bring a smile to your face.

WATCH: Jokgu the Chicken Plays The Piano

credit: YouTube