Discover Discing – The Bizarre Trend That’ll Make You Happy To Wear Glasses

discing viral trend

Discing 101

So if you haven’t heard of discing yet, you’re not alone. Though the trend has been picking up steam on Instagram for about 9 months, it hasn’t taken over the internet as a mainstream viral meme. . . yet! Take a look at what these folks hope will become the next #planking.


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The idea behind the latest viral sensation, discing, is to loop CDs over the arms of eyeglasses or sunglasses, and hide one’s eyes with the CDs by shaking the head forward quickly in a burst.



The perfect timing of Eric’s #discing effort with his musical selection is on point.


Bonus points awarded to Alex for enhancing her #discing with the use of a Snapchat filter.

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Daim stepped up his discing game with some sweet dance moves!

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That laugh!

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The next time you’re trying to figure out what you should post on your Instagram, how you can make your friends laugh, or just what you should do with your old or scratched CDs. . . you know what to do! Happy discing, everyone! 😉