Heathrow Teddy Bears Tug At The Heartstrings

Heathrow Bears Christmas Ad

Heathrow Airport Ushers in the Christmas Season

Travels are often the least favorite part of the holidays for many people. But this precious couple proves all the trouble is ‘bearable’ when you have a good partner by your side to keep you company. In this adorable new TV ad, Heathrow Airport celebrates turning 70 years old itself by following the adventures of these two elderly teddy bears.

And when you see how adorable their Christmas ad is, you’ll understand why it went viral with more than 3.9 million views in a matter of days.

“We love the film and hope the bears’ journey through the airport captures that excitement you feel when walking through Heathrow arrivals into the arms of your loved ones at Christmas.” – Jonathan Coen, Heathrow Commercial Director

Make sure you grab tissues for the super sweet ending!

WATCH: Coming Home for Christmas

From Heathrow’s YouTube post: “Throughout their 70 years, Heathrow have specialised in reconnecting people with their loved ones, especially at this time of year, because coming home for Christmas is the best gift of all. Among the millions of seasonal passengers, there are some extra-special arrivals that have made it home in time for the big day…”

And if you want more cuteness, watch the airport’s video showing a little girl’s first flight. It’s just too sweet.

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Do you have that special partner in crime who could even make the hassles of travel seem ‘bearable’? Let us know who they are and share any adventures you’ve had together in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you! <3

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