After Massive Search Lost Dogs Return When Owners Cook Sausages

everything inspirational - lost dogs sausages


A family is happy again since reuniting with their lost dogs. As a last hope,they started grilling sausages; the pups returned home to their favorite treat!

It was the perfect day for a family walk, but a sudden thick fog filled the air and the family’s pair of miniature schnauzers disappeared. What was supposed to be time of rest, turn into a five day rescue effort to recover the beloved pups, Charlie and Theo.

Over 120 friends, family, neighbors, and even two drones, came out to search for the dogs. After 96 hours of searching, the family decided to grill sausages near the place where the dogs disappeared. It was their last ditch effort.

One of the pups owners, Mrs. Hampson, said,

“One of our friends had the intuition to work out roughly where they would be and we started the barbecue there. It’s like the ending of a film that it worked.

When the dogs smelled the sausages, the literally appeared out of nowhere.

“When they first appeared it was like a mirage. I could not believe it was them.” said Mrs. Hampson.

everything inspirational - lost dogs sausages
credit: Facebook/Liz Hampson

You really can’t make these stories up, Mrs. Hampson continued,

“They absolutely love sausages. They have them every Sunday for breakfast, so if there was one food they were going to come back for, it was sausages.”

We are so happy that this family got their precious pups back.
“The dogs are just gorgeous, and they are part of our family. It would be horrible not to have them around,” said Mrs. Hampson.

We aren’t the only ones that are happy that Charlie and Theo came home. Mrs. Hampson told us the even the military rejoiced,

“My son is in the navy and we rang him first to tell him. A huge cheer went up on his ship.”

Lesson learned: When all else fails, grill sausages.

h/t: Telegraph

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