Miracle The Mini Pig Beats The Odds

miracle the mini pig

Miracle The Mini Pig Earns His Name

Miracle the mini pig — When farmer Ari Smith’s litter of pigs was born, she noticed that one pig was very different. The little guy was born with a birth defect after his umbilical cord wrapped around the unformed legs, causing him to be born without hind legs.

Ari knew that this meant the mama pig, Babe, would probably ignore the imperfect baby, which would be the death of the tiny creature.

But he surprised everyone by learning to walk on just his front legs!

Ari knew this little pig was special and named him Miracle. When his mom had moved beyond his reach, he showed just how fast he could walk and then he nudged one of his siblings out of the way so he could eat, too.

He is quite a bit smaller than his siblings so I think it will take a while but whatever he needs we will find a way to get it done.  Hes such a little fighter so I’m in the fight too!! said Ari.

People find Miracle’s energy and spunk to be quite inspiring, and he is now quite the celebrity!

Miracle The Mini Pig plays with his feline farm friend.

Ari is now raising funds to buy Miracle a wheelchair. She knows that as Miracle grows bigger, it will eventually become too much weight for him to support himself walking on his front legs. She’s also set up a Facebook page where she can update people on Miracle’s progress, and help find Miracle an adoptive forever home.

WATCH: Miracle The Mini Pig

h/t: AtlasObscura