Police Officer Saves Thirsty Pit Bull From Drowning, He Might Adopt Him

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Police Officer Saves Thirsty Pit Bull From Drowning, He Might Adopt Him

Chicago Police were responding to an early morning four-car crash when they came across a frightened and thirsty pit bull.

Officers Daniel Guzman and Juan Farris responded as backup to the scene of the car accident when they saw the black and white pit bull running on the sidewalk along Lake Michigan.

The thirsty dog tried to get a drink of water from the lake, but ended up falling in the water. The pit bull seemed stunned and doggy-paddled in the water until Office Farris came to his rescue. Seemingly aware of his predicament, the dog was more than willing to cooperate.

WATCH: Officer Pulls Pit Bull From Lake

Officer Farris said he “got in a prone position and just pulled the dog right out,” in the same way that you would pick up a child. “He was very cooperative. He wasn’t aggressive at all.”

“It feels great,” said Officer Farris.“I never thought I’d be coming to work today and saving a dog’s life.”

The officers thought that the dog was from the car accident, but it turns out that he was not involved.

“He was pretty friendly at the beginning, just running back and forth and letting us pet him, but he wouldn’t let us secure him,” Officer Farris said.

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credit: NY Daily News

Animal Control picked up the dog once the officers learned that the pooch didn’t belong to any of the crash victims.  They plan on placing him up for adoption very soon.

That isn’t the end of the story for this doggy though. Officer Farris is interested in adopting the sweet animal if no one claims him.”I’ve always wanted a dog, so we’ll see how it goes,”Officer Farris said.

H/T: ABC Chicago

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