Dog Named Storm Rescues Drowning Baby Deer

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It’s no coincidence that this Golden Retriever’s name is Storm. This dog wasn’t afraid of water or danger when rescuing a drowning baby deer. The moment that Storm saw something in the water, he ran past his owner and into the water to rescue the fawn.

Storm’s owner recalled him grabbing the precious fawn by the neck, and dragging it to the shore, just as a lifeguard would.

When the deer was brought to the shore Storm started nudging its belly and mouth as if he was resuscitating it. Everyone that witnessed it happen were in awe of this dog’s rescuing instincts.

WATCH: Golden Retriever Named Storm Rescues Drowning Baby Deer

credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

The baby deer was taken to a shelter where it has been under careful watch. The shelter workers will make sure that the fawn is healthy and able to survive, then it will be released back into the wild within a few weeks.
After the incident, Storm was taken to the bakery to enjoy a very special doggy treat. His owner said the the pup likely ate ten cookies. Even if he did, that’s okay, because we believe that Storm deserved every last crumb.
There is a lot that we can learn from Storm’s rescue of the baby deer. When we see someone in danger, we shouldn’t think twice about lending a helping hand. After all, if Storm wasn’t so brave to rescue the baby deer, chances are it would not have survived. Now it has the chance to join its family in the woods again sometime very soon.
Not all heroes wear capes, some wear collars. And that makes Storm one happy doggy hero.

h/t: Inside Edition

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