Baby Sister Hugs Big Brother Every Day At The Bus Stop

brother sister bus stop hug

Brother Sister School Bus Hugs

Parents hope their children will have a good relationship with one another. (Sometimes, they may just settle for peace and quiet with no tears coming from the backseat!) But this brother sister duo are absolute sweethearts.

Cecillia Ellis absolutely loves her big brother, and so she eagerly and patiently waits for him at the bus stop each day. And when this little sister sees him, she rushes to give him a big hug!

They truly are the best brother sister duo ever. Best buds, they always have each other! It’s definitely one of our family’s favorite parts of our day. I’m glad this shares love and smiles. – Casey Ellis

While some older brothers may be embarrassed by all the attention from their kid sisters, this little guy hugs her right back. Way to go guys, for being inspiring sibling role models that are just too sweet!

credit: YouTube