Dad Takes Son With Disabilities to Skate Park, Then They Have A Ball

Dad Takes Disabled Son To Skate Park And They Have A Ball _ callen van rise _ everything inspirational

Phil Van Hise and his 5-year-old son, Callen, are making the internet smile. A recently posted video shows the duo having a blast together at a local skate park.

Callen was born prematurely and was diagnosed with Hypnotic Cerebral Palsy.  Because of this, he struggles with balance and movement.  That’s doesn’t change his love of the skate park and having Dad spend great quality time with him.  Watching the video, it’s clear that Callen loves the feel of the fast movement and the quick twists and turns on the banks!

“His reaction is what’s worth it,” Van Hise told Fox13Now. “I don’t care if I’m about ready to die or have exhaustion from that. His joy is what matters.”

Mom, Paula, says that his physical challenges in no way affect his ability to know what he likes.  Callen is very smart and the top of his kindergarten class. When he’s not rolling up and down the skate hills, he loves to read.

The first time they went to the park, it was really busy. But everyone was supportive of Callen, moving out of the way so that his Dad could push him and cheering them on. The reactions have been a huge support to Phil and Paula who just want to see their son happy.

“One of the most important things for Philip and I is for Callen to know that just because his body works differently than the majority of his peers, that does not mean he can’t participate in the activities he chooses. All we have to do is adapt. This kid had the absolute best time at the skate park in West Valley. His laughter, shouting, and pure admiration for the other skaters left this mommy smiling from ear to ear. Thanks for being such a great dad, Philip. I know all that running wasn’t easy.” Paula wrote on Facebook.

WATCH: Father And Son Have A Blast At Skate Park

credit: Facebook/PaulaVanHise

We think that it’s more than just Callen having a good time! The internet is loving this video and we’re sure it’s a great inspiration for others to rethink their own limitations.  A great side perk for Phil has got to be that this is some serious exercise – no gym membership needed! Phew!

h/t: Fox13Now

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