Devoted Dad Dances With Daughter Who Can’t Walk or Talk

devoted dad dances with daughter kenzie

Dad Dances with Daughter who Can’t Walk or Talk

This devoted dad dances with daughter, Kenzie, who has special needs, and the inspirational video took the internet by storm.

Their dance has made their video a classic viral video sensation, with more than 7 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube in 2014. On Facebook where the video is trending again, it reads: “The power of the love of a father for his disabled daughter has become a tear-jerking internet sensation.

Brave little Kenzie Carey cannot walk or talk and is confined to a wheelchair – but that did not stop her Dad Mike from putting a beaming smile on the 12-year-old’s face as he danced with her at a local pageant.

WATCH: Devoted Dad Dances with Daughter who Can’t Walk or Talk

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