Baby Can’t Figure Out Which Twin Sister Is The Real Mom

Baby Can't Figure Out Which Twin Sister Is The Real Mom

This baby boy is struggling when he sees “two” of his mom (her twin sister!) Even family members of identical twins have trouble telling them apart. He is completely comfortable and confident in the hold of his mother. But that’s when he notices that his mom is actually not holding him. Or is she?

This sweet baby is every bit as confused as we are! It is assumed that the mom is the one with the cloth expertly draped across her shoulder. But as with many identical twins, no one can be sure except the twins themselves!

As the boy is held by each woman, he takes a moment to rethink who is holding him and quickly changes his mind.  The women are obviously very surprised that the baby cannot tell them apart and have a few moments of fun passing him back and forth.

Not to worry, when he truly begins to get upset, Mom steps in and gives him much needed comfort.  We’re sure when this little fella grows up he will find this video amusing! He might even say “and I still can’t tell you two apart!”

WATCH: Baby Can’t Tell The Difference Between Mom and Twin Sister

credit: Youtube/USAToday

This isn’t the only tale of babies having confusion between their identical twin parents! Check out this video of Dad and his twin brother and a very confused little girl!

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