Doggy Duo Go On An Adventure Through A Hospital

doggy duo wander into hospital _ everything inspirational

This adorable four-legged pair decided to go on an adventure together. Instead of going to the usual doggy places, they found their way into a Pennsylvania hospital facility.

Security cameras captured the happy, tail-wagging doggies as they casually made their way through the front doors. The staff were surprised to see the pair, Emma and Nero, wandering in the lobby and tried to call them back to the front door. But these doggies weren’t ready to go.  They had more hallways to explore!

As one camera cuts out, another picks up the happy friends rounding a corner into the pharmacy. Not interested in causing trouble, the walked all the way to the back of the store and back again without knocking a single item off the shelves.  The stunned pharmacist can be seen calling the dogs and encouraging them to stay in the room. It wasn’t long before security came to round up the doggies and end their friendly shenanigans.

doggy duo wander into hospital _ everything inspirational
credit: Fox5Atlanta

The security tapes show that the duo are very friendly and gentle. They just wanted to explore! Security offered them water and lots of love while figuring out what to do with the happy pair while they waited for local police to come. While the pooches did get the lock up, it was only while police held them for their worried owner, Kathy Tamasie, who posted a ‘thank you’ on her Facebook page.

Thank you ! To add to this funny adventure Nero was the one who got out through a loose post in my fence; Emma came and told me. as she ate and drank I ran upstairs to put on my shoes to go and look for the boy. When I came down Emma was missing as well ! I was frantic . I drove around and I couldn’t find them. Once back home I had to calm down and think how can I find them… then it occurred to me to look on Bethlehem police FB blog . And Eureka there they were!!! But I now realize that if it wasn’t for your staffs kindness this could have turned out so differently . So again thank you and Emma and Nero say thank you as well!”

WATCH: Doggy Duo Have A Blast Visiting The Hospital

credit: Facebook/St.Luke’s

h/t: Fox5 Atlanta

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