Man Hilariously Responds to Email Scammers

comedian james veitch takes on email scammers

Comedian Responds to Email Scammers

We’ve all gotten those emails from a mysterious prince from a foreign land promising us extreme wealth. These email scammers try to steal money from poor unsuspecting people with their too-good-to-be-true offers.

But comedian James Veitch is fighting back, and it’s absolutely hilarious. He gave the scammers a taste of their own medicine and had a little fun at their expense. He figured that if they can waste his time, he can waste a little of their time.

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So he used an anonymous email account he set up just for this purpose, and he actually emailed them back. Hopefully, he frustrated these villains enough that they’ll go into a more honest profession! LOL

WATCH: James Veitch – Hilarious Response to Email Scammers

If you thought that was funny, here’s another one of James’ conversations with the internet con artists.

WATCH: Comedian Decides to Respond to Email Scammers

Who else is cracking up at James’ funny adventures in email? 😉

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