Fred Rogers Surprised By Boy He Inspired In 1981

fred rogers surprise message from 1981

Fred Rogers Inspired Him In 1981 Then He Returned The Favor

Many people were inspired by Fred Rogers’ TV program Mister Rogers Neighborhood. The educational program brings back many fond memories of childhood. But it was his simple life lessons that really have stood the test of time, mostly because they showed his incredible kindness.

And this video of his TV Hall of Fame induction is no exception. In it, we see a surprise visit from a young Jeff Erlanger who chats with Mr. Rogers about what it’s like to be in a wheelchair.

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In the clip, Fred Rogers shares a simple message with his young friend, Jeff.

“It is you that I like.” Fred said sincerely.

Now watch as a grown Jeff makes a surprise appearance 20 years later at the ceremony honoring Fred. What he says to Fred made him tear up. . .and so did I! Fred was obviously overcome by emotion. What a treasure this man truly was!

WATCH: Fred Rogers Surprised With Emotional Message

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