Baby Hilariously Interrupts Live TV Interview

interview interrupted

Man’s Interview Interrupted Hilariously on Live TV

This is what happens when you’re explaining an important political situation in South Korea on live TV for BBC World News and your children come into the room! This interview interrupted not once, or twice, but three times is a true testament to this poor man’s patience!

When the toddler snuck in, this poor professor kept his cool. When the baby appeared, he started to have trouble focusing. And God bless him for trying to keep it together when his wife, who had crawled in to try to quietly get the children out of the room, accidentally knocked books off the bookcase quite noisily!

Robert E. Kelly learned the hard way how hard it is sometimes to work from home, and how unpredictable children can be!  An authority on South Korean politics, the political science professor from Pusan National University in South Korea has been featured on BBC before. But never has one of his interviews gotten quite this much attention–LOL.

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This funny cat lover reimagined the viral video by showing how it might look with his cat friends needing a snuggle break.

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And this woman showed how the interview interruption may have looked if it had happened to a busy mom.

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