Dairy Farmer Performs Concert For His Jazz-Loving Cows

Dairy Farmer Performs Rgularly For His Jazz-Loving Cows _ everything inspirational

Dairy Farmer Performs For His Jazz-Loving Cows

Who’s to say cows don’t know good jazz when they hear it?  These jazz-loving cows are soaking up the rhythmic tunes played for them by their farmer.



What started as a backyard practice session quickly became a regular jazz den for these toe-tappin’ bovines! Florida dairy farmer, Ed Henderson, has been playing trombone since elementary school.  While trying to keep his “chops” up and enjoy some farm-fresh air, he quickly learned that he had a built in audience on his farm.  Henderson rose to fame among his thousands of fan-cows. Unsure if one heifer set the trend for the others or not, Ed isn’t complaining. If the cows want jazz, he will give it to them!

WATCH: Jazz-Loving Cows Are Moooved By Music


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