Boater Gives Exhausted Iguana A Lift After Finding Him Swimming Out To Sea

This kayaker got the boating surprise of his life when he came across something odd in the water.  Nearly 4 miles off shore was a very exhausted iguana!

Iguanas are very good swimmers, they typically use these skills as a way to avoid predators. Unsure of this little guys story, Steve the boater quickly gave him the opportunity to hop on board.

Since the hurricanes in the Florida area, the man was concerned that this iguana may not have wanted to be swimming so far from shore.

“Most likely, because of the King tides that are occurring it got caught in one of the swift outgoing tides and got pushed out to sea.”

The iguana definitely seemed happy to see the boater. He lost no time trying to get on the boat. But his very tired legs were not serving him well. Steve steadied the boat and offered the paddle as an assist to getting the reptile on the boat.

“I was just inside the reef so it was close to four miles from land. Most likely it would have died out there as the current that far out would most likely push it East with very little chance of coming back inshore. But you never know and it could be it’s normal daily swim back and forth between Cuba and the US. Regardless, it was pretty cool see it trust me enough (versus dying of course) to swim toward the kayak and hop on.” Steve wrote on his Youtube channel. 

After getting the exhausted iguana onto the boat, Steve quickly made his way back to shore. Before he could get all the way up to the land, the iguana gave a quick glance at Steve as he jumped back into the water. Steve slowed the boat and made sure that the little traveller made it back safely. He found him resting on a branch. Hopefully this guy has put his adventurous ways behind him!

WATCH: Exhausted Iguana Gets A Rescue Ride Back To Shore

credit: Youtube/Key West Kayak Fishing


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